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I've been told many times that a business coach/ mentor is the best investment a business owner will ever make. As a property investor, I was dubious. After my first session with Adam, I knew straight away that having him as a business coach could be the best move I ever made with my less than 1-year-old business. Not only do I now feel I have laser vision for where I need to push my business so it can serve me but key decision making has been a lot easier and less emotion-based. Adam deconstructed our figures and rebuilt them with a solid foundation so we now know how many clients we need, at what cost and how long it should take. Even after just two sessions, I have a newfound clarity which means my team and my service business can all grow together, efficiently and effectively. Thank you Adam for your time, it's been invaluable.'

Alistair Trippett - Founder & Director at BM Holdings Group LTD


From time to time in business and in life we all need someone to support us; to bounced ideas off, to talk through the things we need help with, to provide a fresh perspective on something and ultimately, someone in our corner to coach and help us along. Adam has absolutely blown us away with his coaching in all of these things and more. By providing a fresh perspective - and asking the right questions - he's helped us consider what is possible with our business like never before. I would recommend Adam a thousand times out of a thousand, and anybody who needs help with business coaching, mental health coaching or assistance to make their lives better should just speak to Adam and stop looking, because they've found their guy.

Nick Pilgrim - Owner of Cinerobota


Working with My Mentor Adam in 2021 has been the single most effective thing I have done to drive my career and personal goal achievement forward. As such, i've had my most successful year to date. Ive put a lot of effort into mapping out and achieving my goals since 2016 and have improved year on year without help. Leveraging Adams expertise last year we’ve supercharged the process. We have drilled much deeper into my goals, accessed what’s really important and as a result I am left with so much more clarity on how I can best achieve my freshly prioritised goals with greater pace and higher level of conversion and success. Adam is a true one off… His wisdom is beyond his years and his advice and thoughts, whilst occasionally tough to hear, are wrapped in kindness and a born from his desire to help you make the right decisions and make meaningful progress. Simply put I couldn’t wish for a better mentor. Bring on 2022!

Nick Jones - Senior Consultant and Team Manager | CMgr MCMI

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